Our full Digital Panel Upgrade replaces the film cassettes in your current radiology system.

​No need for new equipment.

No Construction Projects, No Down Time, and No Re-Training X-Ray Technicians.

Wireless and Fixed/Wired options to suit your needs.

Wireless offers the freedom to use it in either Bucky through a fast and secure Wifi connection. This freedom also allows your x-ray technicians to take it from room to room, as well as, use with portable systems. 

Fixed panels are installed into the Bucky for dedicated use and are direct wired to the included associated computer. Fixed panels are better protected and do give you a permanent digital upgrade to your existing room. 

Did we forget about Cost? No, and I know you didn't either.

​In addition to the cost saving of using your currently installed system, avoiding re-training your radiologists, and connecting with your current IT set up, you can do it for less than you think.

Please Contact Mike Helms for more info at 800 726-2314 or Mike.Helms@troffmedical.com

In the next few months the Digital Radiology industry is going to change at an alarming rate!

Are you worried about cost, transition time, or training?

TROFF Medical has a solution that can settle all those concerns.

Have you you made the Jump to Digital?